Same As You Puppet Show for Children

Every Saturday and Sunday at Metropol Theatre

Title Same As You 

Author: Lee Shackleford

Director: Amri Hasanlliu

Actors: Roerd Toše

Rexhina Mollaymeri

Amri Hasanlliu

Klea Konomi

Chase Shero

Edvin Mustafa

Screenwriter: Laid Ymeri


In Metropol we have chosen to use the power of puppets to bring an unforgettable educational experience where we learn and inform the children about the social concerns and differences, giving them the skills they need to stay safe and healthy.

"The same as you" is the new children's premiere at Metropol Theater, which as a continuation of the educational platform that this theater has been developing for three years, will educate the small audience through entertainment.

The puppet of puppets with children, with and without pucks, offers children the opportunity to learn about specific skills, how to behave with a society with children with disabilities, as well as topics wider friendships, community building, the importance of expressing feelings and accepting differences.

Our characters, Meli, Mark, Ronaldo, Amanda and Jenny know that the world is more beautiful when there are different people. Though different from the outside, inside we are all alike.

To bring the screenplay "The same as you do", the actors of the Metropol Theater have been trained for about five months to learn and use the sign language for which they are also certified.

We welcome you every Saturday and Sunday, at 11am, at the Metropol Theater.

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