Tulla Culture Center

What are free spaces ? Has there been such a thing in Tirana? What happens and what has happened to these spaces? Is freedom an opportunity or an obstacle? The "Freiraum" project requires answers in three directions: in photography, in music and in words. Anjeza Hoxha is a photographer looking for freedom in Tirana's public buildings and public spaces. While these conflicts with the needs of the market, the photographer seeks a dialogue between the times and the generations that were missing so far. The exhibition recognizes places where freedom or its absence has been negotiated in different ways. Composer Fatos Qerimi devotes himself to the theme as a musician. Inspired by the question of whether freedom is an opportunity or a burden, his composition combines traditional elements of music and is performed by a new ensemble of 13 musicians. In the panel, urbanist Karsten Schulz and writer Arian Leka will ask questions and answer public questions in a form of discussion.