Bande Dessine Concert Tour

Albania Tour

🇦🇱 ️ On 10-14 December 2018, the French Alliance network in collaboration with the French Embassy in Albania proposes a direct concert where French jazz is combined with figurative stories (bande dessinée). This project originated from the meeting between the Hot Club Tirana group and the two designers, French Cédric Fortier and Albanian David Kryemadhi. A special occasion to simultaneously experience creation in two genres that intertwine between them. 10/12 Tirana - Art Turbine, 19:00 hrs 11/12 Durrës - Theater "Aleksander Moisiu", time 18:00 12/12 Shkodër - Artistic Lyceum "Prenk Jakova", time 18:00 13/12 Elbasan - Theaters "Skampa", time 18:00 14/12 Korça - Theater "Andon Zako Çajupi", time 19:00