The city of flowers

The greenest and the cleanest town in Albania, also known as the "city of roses." The small town of Permet is famous for its folk music and renown clarinetist Laver Bariu, literature personalities, and the good cooking, especially sweets, the so called 'gliko', or preserves. You will be served good wine and raki in Permet and around.

Get Around

Have a hike at nearby Fir of Hotova National Park and visit picturesque villages such as Vithkuq.


Multicultural Permet Festival showcasing the best of local folklore

Partisan monuments featuring socialist realism art work


The thing to do in Permet is to climb a big rock , it's very near to the center of the town, it's called the rock of town looking over the town and Vjosa river. Let's say this is the point of observation of the town.There is a famous Spa very near to Permet, in Bënja, you may take a taxi or even walk if you want. Ask around for directions, the location is south of Permet. The hot spring is situated in a scenic sorround.



Byrek me dy peta


Permet Raki

Permet wine


Hotel Alvero, Sheshi Abdyl Frasheri, Permet, Albania, ☎ +355 813 23514, +355 68 23 39 508, +355 68 20 81 334 (vnikolla@yahoo.fr).  edit

Hotel Permeti, Sheshi Abdyl Frasheri, Permet, Albania, ☎ +355 813 23687, +355 69 21 13 551, +355 69 40 58 218 (hotelpermet@yahoo.com)

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